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Don’t feel obligated to select companies that only cater to your profession! Choosing a company that specializes in “medical website design”, “art/artists webpage design”, “interior website design”, “rehabilitation website design”, or “corporate website design and development” isn’t your only option. If you’re in the market for great websites, choose a company that knows how to create them!

Remember, you know your business better than anyone else!

AvidCast is a professional website design and development company, therefore, sufficient content and a basic definition of your products and services enables us to create one of a kind websites for any business.

Tip: When choosing the best website design companies to represent your business, always view portfolios and be sure to ask for references!

AvidCast is committed to providing superior web design solutions
The Five Step Site Building Process ©
1 Develop Your Website

First, our designers get a “feel” for your general web preferences. Within 5 business days you’ll receive a creative. Once the creative is approved, the process continues.

2 Assigned Project Pages

AvidCast assigns temporary project pages accessible via the internet. These pages enable you to view your website while it’s under construction.

3 Alpha Testing

Once programming is complete, all websites are internally tested for quality assurance. During this “alpha testing” phase all technical issues will be corrected and/or addressed.

4 Final Review

Once final revisions are complete, the version you see is your finished product. Final changes and/or modifications should be immediately submitted to your Design & Information Specialist.

5 Deployment

Upon approval of the finished product and receipt of final payment, AvidCast launches your website(s) on the internet! Ask about our web design and promotion services.


AvidCast is a professional website design and development company

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