Mobile Solutions

Is your website mobile ready?

If you’re not running a .mobi version of your website, then you’re missing out on internet users with mobile devices! AvidCast makes it easy for any business to get a mobile website. Get your mobile website right away with web compliant .mobi designs!

Each .mobi website comes complete with:
  • Up to 10 pre-linked pages!
  • .mobi compliant xhtml pages!
  • Resizable pages to fit any mobile device!
  • Valid table-free css div coding!
  • Proper .mobi encoding and doctype declarations!
  • Use of well formed code!
  • Navigation in order format!
  • Strict adherence to W3C Guide to Mobile Web Best Practices!
  • Amazing mobile design style!

Why should you get a mobile website?

  • Over 2 billion people have mobile devices!
  • Protect your brand from competitors!
  • Keep information available to your customers when they’re away from their PCs! 
  • Launch informational service to .mobi audiences and introduce them to your main website!

Contact Us today to set up a mobile website for your business!